Go Skip Bins

Go Skip Bins Guidelines

To get the most out of your skip bins and our rubbish disposal service, we recommend you take a little bit of time packing the bins correctly before your arranged rubbish pickup. By stacking items correctly and breaking down any furniture or boxes, you reduce any ‘gaps’ and therefore get more space for your rubbish at your disposal. Please take note of the following guidelines:

Do not stack rubbish above the top of the bin.

Make sure nothing is extending beyond the parameters of the bin. If items extend beyond this, we cannot lift the bin onto the truck safely and will not be able to complete the rubbish pickup.

Leave the bins where they were left by our staff. If you relocate the skip bins, we may not be able to collect the bin safely.

Councils do not allow bins to be placed on the footpath. It would greatly assist us for you to have planned where your skip bins will be placed before we get there, however our staff can help you decide.

Do not include banned items in your rubbish disposal skip bins including asbestos, chemicals or liquids.

The weight limit for all our skip bins is 6 tonnes. If we cannot lift the bin safely to our trucks, we cannot remove the bin. You must limit heavy items such as dirt, concrete or bricks in the larger bins so maximum weight limits are not exceeded. Ask our staff about the weight limitations of your bin before your fill it.

Our trucks need a minimum of one metre clearance on all sides. If you request a bin to be delivered in an area with limited access, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the property. We will advise you on the limitations of delivering your bin to such locations over the phone or when our staff arrive on site.

If a bin is overfull, Go Skip Bins reserve the right to unload excess rubbish before we pick up the bin. If this process takes more than a few minutes, the bin will be left onsite and the customer is required to reorganize the pickup when the bin meets guidelines. The altered rubbish pickup may incur additional charges.

For more information about what you can and can’t use our skip bins for, please refer to our terms and conditions.